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Swing 12
emma stone
Was a hectic day yesterday, had to visit the Hospital...hope everything's gonna be alright~
So my dayss are nearing to when I will be going to college!! I also just had cake!! :D
I woke up early today because of a dream I had about having a reunion with my old classmates...weird thing is that some of those people I haven't had any contacts with for a while, lol~

Now up for the next CM from Arashi X) Sakurai Sho!!

Here are the last of the 100 questionaire~!!

91. What is your favorite movie?
Of all time?....I guess Cinderella 2, for some reason I liked it more than the first one :)

92. What is your favorite book?
The Inkheart Trilogy, it is the book that kindled my love for books and the one I'm bringing to college :D

93. What is your favorite song?
Right now it's "Ours" by Taylor Swift and "5x10/FaceDown" by 嵐

94. What is your favorite city?
I haven't been to alot, but I want to go see Athens or Rome~

95. What is your favorite sport?
Between swimming and basketball....I would say ice skating, lol~ though im no pro I want to learn :)

96. What is your favorite place in the world?
I need to travel first before I decide, but right now Japan! XD

97. Are you glad these questions are almost over?
Yes and No, glad I finally finished and sad that there's nothing else to distract my poor writing skills, lol~

98. What are you going to do next?
I'll probably read some fan fiction, or go browse 9GAG...

99. Do you anticipate this activity being fun?
hmmm, not really sure. Slight annoyance but all in all it was alright~

100. Give us a quote to end on...
"Everyone has their quirks, it's because no one is perfect. So why the need to judge? It is so that those who are not confident with their quirks can feel better about themselves when they can push down those who are confident." -Mine, 2012.09.06

I've finally finished the questionaire. So maybe now I can start my random rants, but then again it'll probably take a while. oh! and I have finished the first part of chapter 1 in my story and now im going for a third part...second part is still in a rough draft mode :D
So school is nearing, my story is on the way, everything is almost going as planned....all in all pretty good :)

Till next time~


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